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This week, JAM TALK takes it to dreamland. Have you ever had a dream that crosses into real life? Welp, the Wife has been on a dream kick, taking it into real life. I'll bring her on in some coming episodes for the segment, WINE WITH THE WIFE and get to the bottom of it because it isn't the first time I've gotten the wrath of something I did in HER DREAM. LOL

We roll into some JAMMIN NEWS which is good news stories that are local and national. This week's good news is the story of KIM NG, being announced the General Manager of the Florida Marlins making her the first woman as well as the first woman of color to become a GM in Major League Baseball (MLB). It has taken America's favorite pastime, 93 years! Ng, interviewed for a GM position that had opened up with the L.A. Dodgers in 2005. She even had her former boss and former colleague with the New York Yankees, Joe Torre mention that he always talks her up to baseball team owners. Five years ago, Torre stated:

"I always talk her up at owners meetings. At some point, somebody just has to ignore the fact that she's a woman and just make a baseball decision. And if they do that, then I think she will get an opportunity. Somewhere.’'

Women shattering barriers in sports is huge news! This is ground breaking for not only the history of sports, but for American History.


Lisa Morgan [OWNER OF THE MORGAN RESIDENCE] joins via Zoom to talk interior designing tips during the pandemic , memories with her dad, Baseball Hall of Famer, Joe Morgan, kids in Zoom school, and changing careers due to the pandemic.

We play Heads Up, the Act It Out and Pop Culture decks over some Champagne.

Because of the Drizzly app, I was able to get the Champagne delivered to her safely.

ABOUT: LISA MORGAN is the Owner of the interior decorating company, THE MORGAN RESIDENCE, featuring all aspects of decorating/design with a focus on “All things design inside.” Lisa went from working 30 years as a professional Makeup Artist to creating her company. You may have seen her on Spectrum News “IN FOCUS SOCAL” discussing changing careers due to the pandemic. Lisa is also the daughter of Baseball Hall of Famer, 2-time World Series Champion (w/ the CINCINNATI REDS), and Major League Baseball Broadcaster, Joe Morgan.



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I can't believe that Lisa's daughter/Social Media Manager (LOL), Summer Jolie is about to be 13 years old, the same age as my son, Jay. I used to babysit Summer when I was working as an Editorial Assistant at NBC (around 2008). Since becoming a parent, I've learned so much. It is a trip to now see some of my friend's that had kids when I was young and flying by the seat of my pants to those very same kids being the same age as mine. To top that, I've discovered in the last year or so, that 3 people I know have kids that go to the same school as him too! LOL. My cousin's daughter, my teammate's daughter (my teammate and I actually have the same birthdate as well) and my friend/Episode 3's Johnny Beezo's daughter all go to the SAME school.

A huge thank you to Lisa for sharing of herself as well as memories that she had with her dad. As we approach Thanksgiving, this will mark a year from the last time she saw him. It takes great strength to be vulnerable. I appreciate all the guests that have ever been on JAMPACKED because you unwaveringly give of yourself in this safe space to share, laugh, shed tears and just be authentically yourselves.



A massive THANK YOU to my JAMPACKED photog and editor, BROOKE COLEMAN for always rocking with me as well as helping me put together my vision. Make sure to book a recording session or peep the creations she's cooking up at her music studio, EQ STUDIOS. Brooke is always about quality so be sure to book a session at her studio if you're in the SO. CAL Area.

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