Updated: Feb 9, 2021

w/ Lisa Morgan & Angela Logan

This week, JAM TALK breaks down a true Kick It session. I used to shut down the dining hall in college, ask most of my friends and family, I'm usually the last to leave. Although, they will also tell you in the same breath that I arrive late, I close it down, but make sure to help clean up. I love to chill and enjoy great conversations and feelings I won't forget from these dope moments.

We take a music break to "GRAINS OF SAND" BY MIKI VALE, setting the vibe for a beautiful conversation with the MORGAN/LOGAN CREW [LISA MORGAN, ANGELA MORGAN & ERIK LOGAN].


Last episode we sat with Lisa Morgan [OWNER OF THE MORGAN RESIDENCE] ||

Now we’re back with a Part 2 with the Morgan/Logan Fam Bam [Lisa Morgan & Angela Logan] join via Zoom to talk stripper names, misconceptions of Oakland, Oakland Raider fan loyalty, is there an expectation to know sports, guess who’s the Fantasy Football 2-time champ, pandemic Football experience, best method for decorating a Christmas tree, trying to stay balanced during the pandemic/strong friend check ups, what they’d like you to know about their dad, Baseball Hall of Famer, Joe Morgan.

We attempt to play “Um, so…” and possibly the most epic game of Storytime with some St. Germain & Bourbon! Because of the Drizzly app, I was able to safely get their drink of choice delivered to them in Oakland. [still waiting on Drizzly to hook it up with a sponsorship or discount code for us LOL]

Storm & Sparkle


LISA MORGAN is the Owner of the interior decorating company, THE MORGAN RESIDENCE, featuring all aspects of decorating/design with a focus on “All things design inside.” Lisa went from working 30 years as a professional Makeup Artist to creating her company. You may have seen her on Spectrum News “IN FOCUS SOCAL” discussing changing careers due to the pandemic. Lisa is also the daughter of Baseball Hall of Famer, 2-time World Series Champion (w/ the CINCINNATI REDS), and Major League Baseball Broadcaster, Joe Morgan.



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This was an honor to share my friend's story.

This conversation hit differently, for me. I've known Lisa since I was an E.A. at KNBC and during that time we had our lunch crew as well as hiking crew. I absolutely miss and loved those moments. I've met Angela, Erik, and their dad at Summer's Birthday party, years ago. We've been there for one another throughout the years.

During this JAM IN THOT segment, I did get emotional while recording it because that's my friend who experienced this loss. My friends have become my family. It also made me think about my own family and how we can do better as individuals as well as a unit.



A massive THANK YOU to my JAMPACKED photog and editor, BROOKE COLEMAN for always rocking with me as well as helping me put together my vision. Make sure to book a recording session or peep the creations she's cooking up at her music studio, EQ STUDIOS. Brooke is always about quality so be sure to book a session at her studio if you're in the SO. CAL Area.

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