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w/ Otoja Abit [Writer/Director/Producer/Actor of A NEW YORK CHRISTMAS WEDDING on Netflix]

This week, we forgo JAM TALK to make time for the incredible conversation that took place and a really dope surprise! AGNUS hit us up on the JAMPACKED phone lines with some post-inauguration coverage!

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Here is a reminder of the movie that I've been raving on an on about, A New York Christmas Wedding.


OTOJA ABIT [Writer/Director/Producer/Actor of A NEW YORK CHRISTMAS WEDDING on Netflix] joins via Zoom to talk being a Queer Ally, playing Marsha P. Johnson/LGBTQ response to the Stonewall film, how his film Jitters became the prelude to his LGBTQ+ love story, A New York Christmas Wedding (on Netflix) and the challenge of filming 2 separate LGBTQ+ weddings in a church.

KEYWORDS with Allagash Beer (Allagash White & Allagash Curieux) kept us busy that we didn’t get to STORYTIME! We got a surprise visit from FATHER KELLY himself, CHRIS NOTH! @chrisnothofficial


Otoja Abit (pronounced O-toe-jay Abbitt), the only son of driven Nigerian parents, was born in Brooklyn and grew up in Queens, NY.

A celebrated athlete and honored scholar, he attended Archbishop Molloy High School and went on to a year of post graduate work at The Gunnery in CT. Otoja completed his education at St. John's University where he played division one basketball and earned degrees in Communications, Theatre Studies and a Business minor.

The "smell of grease paint and roar of the crowd" got hold of Otoja during his first ever production, William Inge's, Picnic. Consequently, Otoja committed to a pursuit of his true passions: acting, writing and directing.

After interning at The Labyrinth theatre company, his first big project was working as the assistant director on Broadway's 2011 revival of That Championship Season, directed by Gregory Mosher and starring Kiefer Sutherland, Jason Patric and Chris Noth. Otoja then went on to book roles in both television and film including: a role in The Humbling, directed by Barry Levinson and playing opposite Al Pacino, HBO's critically acclaimed The Night Of, directed by Steven Zaillan. NBC's The Slap & The Blacklist, Paris in Aleta Chappelle's Romeo & Juliet in Harlem. And co-starring, as Marsha P Johnson, in Roland Emmerich's Stonewall.

Recent credits include: Marvel's Netflix "The Defenders" directed by SJ Clarkson- acting opposite Krysten Ritter. Co-creator, producer and star of the New York Television Festival's Official Selection, "Harlem Knights". And the 2018 short film "Jitters" which Otoja wrote, directed, produced and stars in.

Twitter: @OhAbit

Instagram: @OhAbit

Facebook: @Otoja.Abit




A Huge THANK YOU to Otoja Abit! From surprising us with Chris Noth to all of the incredible pictures you see in this blog...you're the real MVP and thank you for being the best Queer Ally as well as human being ever! I had so much fun with you.

From creating beautiful stories to being an awesome human, you truly are inspiring.



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