Updated: May 16, 2021

DESHUN GREER [Founder/National President of a Dominant/Masculine (Stud) Fraternity, Theta Pi Psi Fraternity, Inc.]


✨DESHUN GREER [Founder/National President of a Dominant/Masculine (Stud) Fraternity, Theta Pi Psi Fraternity, Inc.] joins via Zoom to talk what inspired her to create Theta Pi Psi Fraternity, Inc., frat life, her coming out journey, and being ordained as an adjutant while being the Founder of an LGBTQ organization.

We play PRIVACY with Arnold Palmer and Sangria!


DeShun Greer is the Founder/National President of a Dominant/Masculine (Stud) Fraternity, Theta Pi Psi Fraternity, Inc. The mission of Theta Pi Psi Fraternity, Incorporated, is to bring together like-minded dominant and masculine of center women of all races and backgrounds to service, educate, and improve the LGBT and other communities. The purpose of Theta Pi Psi Fraternity, Inc is to Change the stereotype within the LGBT Community by invoking an everlasting commitment to service , while creating a bond like none other.

She is also the Founder TOUCH MY HEART CPR & BLS TRAINING, a concierge medical education service that provides affordable and easily accessible service to all communities. DeShun created Touch My Heart CPR because she was in a situation where she had to perform CPR and didn't know what to do. After that moment, she vowed to herself that she would become more knowledgeable about CPR. She has been a CPR/BLS Instructor for over 9 years. Providing formal CPR training that will prepare you to perform adequate CPR skills. At the end of training you will earn certification by demonstrating that you comprehend the requirements to effectively administer CPR.








A Huge THANK YOU to DeShun for joining in the JAMPACKED shenanigans and allowing the space for learning about the Greek Life.

DeShun reminds us not to be afraid to ask questions and don't be afraid to think that they might be considered stupid questions. Listen, to learn. Listen, not to respond, but to learn. And be fearless in, in who you are. And don't be afraid to be yourself. I think you know if anything, this conversation is a reminder for folks to be yourself and don't be afraid to feel like you need to fit into any mold or be yourself and the love is there and know that if you're listening or you're watching that WE love you. Find your your tribe, find your people don't be afraid to learn and to find your people. When I say find your people, find your like minded folks that you want to surround yourself with. The folx that will support and be your love.



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