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This week, JAM TALK is about why it is a HAPPY NEW YEAR, indeed!

Also, how the wife and I discovered possibly the best movie (not just LGBTQ+ movie, but movie, period)!

The movie is available on Netflix called A New York Christmas Wedding about "her wedding nears, a bride to be is visited by an angel who reveals what could have been if she’d followed feelings for her childhood best friend.” The friend is a girl and the wife and I cried and had a great conversation.

Directed by: Otoja Abit

LGBTQ+ Movie

What were your 3 milestones of 2020 and what are your milestone goals for this year? I'm working on my vision board going into the new year to stay on track.


VANESSA & LUCIE [The Coming Out Coaches] joins via Zoom from Switzerland to talk why using LGBTQIAS+ is important to them, what self care means, living with multiple sclerosis, and their coming out stories.

We play COUPLE’S TRIVIA & STORYTIME with Champagne, Apple Juice & Tea!


They are Lucie and Vanessa - The Coming Out Coaches. They support through one on one or group coaching LGBTQIAS+ individuals and people in their close environment to live a happy and fulfilling life by being true to themselves. They are a couple, Lucie (40, Greece, certified life coach) and Vanessa (41, Germany, certified body coach - sports and nutrition). They aim to help you make small changes in your current behaviors or mindset that do not support you move forward to be the person you want to be and live the life you want to live.

To achieve that, they focus on two main things:

1. Increase your self-care in every aspect and at all levels, mental and physical approach. Self-care leads to additional self-love and self-appreciation, and that is the solution to minimize the negative underlying stories forbidding us to move forward. We believe that if you love yourself truly, you can only wish and do the best for yourself and anyone around you, allowing you to fulfill your dreams and live a life by being happy.

2. Have a daily open communication with yourself and with the people around you. By expressing yourself in a considerate way, you allow yourself to be seen, to be heard, to be appreciated, to be understood. We believe that to make this world a better place and our life be full of happiness and fulfillment, we have to talk and share what we desire in life, putting aside what we think anyone else will think about our choices. This is our life, our happiness, and our approval must come first, cause it's not about you, it's about me. And once I am happy with myself, then I will be able to share with you the best of me. It's a win-win situation!

Additionally to The Coming Out Coaches project, Lucie has been living with Multiple Sclerosis since 2002. She is inspiring people on how to approach your everyday challenges in a different way allowing you to have a beautiful life accomplishing your goals and dreams despite having MS.








LEARN MORE ABOUT THE COMING OUT COACHES IN JAMMIN NEWS: https://www.jampackedshow.com/post/coming-out


A Huge THANK YOU to Vanessa & Lucie for joining us from SWITZERLAND to drop so many GEMS on us!

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Now is the time for us to shine and do great things! We didn't need the new year to tell us to shine, but lets be great!



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