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This week, JAM TALK kicks off with an update in what I've been up to for the last year to from wanting to level up as a human being to making JAMPACKED better.

Around the last episode of last year, I was also gifted with being asked to host and moderate the JANFAM MOVEMENT'S Q&A Panel in celebration of the 30th Anniversary of Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation Album with panel guests: Jimmy Locust, Travis Payne, Terry Bixler, Terri Yates, and the extra famous, René Elizondo Jr. (Janet Jackson's Ex Husband/Dancer/Music Video Director). Huge Thank you to Episode 40's Junior Hubbard for having me moderate an inspirational panel in front of a live audience.

Photographed in Queer Park Designs

I proposed to my girlfriend (now wife) on December 26, 2019 and we decided we wanted a short engagement. Due to COVID, we weren't able to have the wedding in Big Sur, CA that we wanted so we got married in July in a small intimate ceremony (apparently it is called a micro-wedding). If you're a regular JAMPACKED listener/viewer, she's the voice, the Producer, Dori, that never wants to be on camera. We met while I was on a podcast being interviewed. We discuss the whole story in a podcast we created last year, The 3rd Date if you'd like to give it a listen). Our photographer/videographer duo, Authentic Collective did an incredible job and love their blog they did on our wedding plan struggles due to COVID. Maybe when we sit down in WINE WITH THE WIFE (a segment soon to come), we can talk more about how we felt and why we would encourage others to elope! LOL.

After getting married, I had a phone call from my Big Sis/Auntie Toni Guinyard of NBC helping me get out of the creative rut I was experiencing. Long story short, it was universal alignment for us to have a conversation that I need to hear. (Thank you again, Toni!). Shortly after our call, I saw an advertisement for the Podcast Movement - Virtual and it has been the most encouraging, inspiring, and knowledgable experience that I will treasure. I wanted to understand the business of podcasting better and find my creative juices again. I wanted to make JAMPACKED better, but didn't know how that would happen especially with the pandemic.

I created JAMPACKED to share the stories of folks shaking shit up in their own way while feeling like you're having some dope conversation at the bar that inspires you. We get a chance to feel who they are and how they came to be, as well as to bring some laughs your way. Remaining authentic to each guest's journey. The show is called JAMPACKED, but the show was far from jam-packed. So now we're mixing it up.

I check the JAMPACKED PHONE LINES. We got messages from my favorite Sagittarius' Doc Miller (of Episode 51) and Ashtweezy...as well as Agnus (LOL). If you'd like to leave a message, drop a line at: 818-514-5830

SANS NOM (which means "Nameless" in French) comes to life in my thespian heels that stemmed from an accidental text message that was sent when I meant to text the wife. The night of the Kamala Harris/Mike Pence VP debate, I received a text message from the Kamala Harris campaign and my accidental message turned into a full conversation.

Note: if you have a text conversation that you'd like me to bring to life for you, send it to jam@jampackedshow.com or send it via IG @jampackedshow


We had Saritta Hines [FOUNDER/CEO OF TRUSTABIT] & Shana Sanford [OWNER OF CTRL+S COMMUNICATIONS] join us via the Zoom with their 10 year old artist, Evan Hines [CEO OF WONDERPENS] to talk start up business, investing in yourself, getting investments, the presence Black folks in tech, Black Lives Matter Initiatives, and relationships in quarantine.

I wasn't sure how the pandemic would impact the drinking games in the virtual space. We played Heads Up with some Champagne (and Egg Nog). Because of the Drizzly app, I was able to get the Champagne delivered to them safely.

ABOUT: SARITTA HINES is the Founder/CEO of TRUSTABIT. TRUSTABIT is a flight disruption solution that proactively sends notification to passengers during flight delays and enables airlines to issue digital meal or transportation vouchers to their smart phones to be redeemed with local vendors in the terminal. Saritta has been in tech for over 14 years. You may have seen her in a Windows 10 Pro Commercial Series, highlighting the various Microsoft Products that helps keep her business running smoothly.





SHANA SANFORD is the Owner of CTRL+S COMMUNICATIONS, a branding & communications company. CTRL+S found their footing in the need for successful brands to integrate diversity into their company culture and policies. Her company creates a safe space to help companies discuss difficult subject matters in a thoughtful and authentic way, even providing diversity & inclusion workshops. Her work with the BJ's Restaurant PR Team Black Lives Matter campaign within their internal communications lead to BJ's donating $30K to Equal Rights Initiatives and will make annual donations that support efforts to end systemic injustice for the next 5 years.



Shana's passion for crafting authentic messaging turned into a creation for their 10 year old daughter, EVAN the CEO of WONDERPENS, the first Premium Acrylic Paint Pens made for Creators, by Creators.




🎨WONDERPENS with the JAMPACKED hook up 😜🙌🏽🔥...use the code to try some WONDERPENS! ⠀

JAM IN THOT, a continuation that lives here in the blogosphere.


As you know we do words of wisdom on the show, so we'll call it JAM IN THOT, and yes, I spelt it like Thotty McThotterson, T-H-O-T. My words of wisdom won't always be politically correct.

Although I would have preferred to do the interview in-person like I normally do, I have to respect the pandemic. Being in-person, you get the feel the guest's energy and share that authentic experience that can only be felt with the exchange of vibes as well as energy. This was my very first Zoom interview (ever) and hope to perfect this experience so that you still feel the same fun we typically would have in an in-person interview. I hope in this episode and others to come that the energy can be felt when you listen or watch a JAMPACKED episode.

This episode's words of wisdom came from listening to the audiobook, FAIL UNTIL YOU DON'T by BOBBY BONES. He shared an interesting point that I felt deeply.




A massive THANK YOU to my JAMPACKED photog and editor, BROOKE COLEMAN for always rocking with me as well as helping me put together my vision. Brooke came to the house and helped to get that extra, Catfish inspired angle. Make sure to book a recording session or peep the creations she's cooking up at her music studio, EQ STUDIOS. I've known Brooke forever, since my Rayzing Sons days (that's for another blog, lol with more details on that chapter of my life LOL). Brooke is always about quality so be sure to book a session at her studio if you're in the SO. CAL Area.

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