USC Annenberg’s mega story behind its Media Center Assignment Desk

Freelance Assignment Desk Editor, Jacki Cisneros went from finding the news to becoming the news.

Trojan Tale: Jacki Cisneros

By Jameela Hammond

The names Gilbert & Jacki Cisneros are more than just a name displayed on the Annenberg Media Center’s Assignment Desk. Jameela Hammond and Jacki Cisneros both worked the Assignment Desk at KNBC. One day, while Jacki was preparing to send her resume out, told Jameela, “I wish I would just win the lotto.” Days later, Jacki and her husband, Gilbert Cisneros won the California Mega Lottery jackpot — $266 million.

Jacki loves to play the “What if” game, when she poses a hypothetical question to her husband who never loves to play the game. On their way to Outback Steakhouse, they passed by the local Lottery office and Gilbert decided to play the game. Their “What if” turned into a discussion of how they want to give back to their alma maters and their community. They did exactly that when they won the lottery, establishing The Gilbert & Jacki Cisneros Foundation, dedicated to increasing the education level of Latino students.

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